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TowerJazz provides multi-fab production options for IDMs and fabless companies looking to increase production capacity or diversify locations.

TowerJazz provides multi-fab production options on three continents for IDMs and fabless companies looking to increase production capacity or diversify locations.

An advantage of being a global company is the ability to utilize the enhanced skill set within its work force and share the best qualities and capabilities from each location across the entire organization. In this way, TowerJazz is continuously improving our operational performance, manufacturing quality, and corporate cost structure allowing us to better serve our customers and achieve improved financial corporate performance.

Fab 1 & Fab 2 — World Headquarters in Migdal Haemek, Israel Fab 3  — USA Subsidiary, Jazz Semiconductor, in Newport Beach, California, USA Fab 4 — TowerJazz Japan.

Fabs 1 & 2

World Headquarters
Migdal Haemek, Israel

Tower Semiconductor was founded in 1993 with the acquisition of National Semiconductor's 150-mm wafer fabrication facility. Tower became a public company in 1994 and shares are traded on NASDAQ (TSEM) and Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TSEM). Since that time, the facility (Fab 1) in Migdal Haemek, Israel has been significantly modernized and offers process geometries ranging from 1.0-micron to 0.35-micron including CMOS image sensors, embedded flash and mixed-signal technologies. In January 2001, an adjacent, state-of-the-art facility (Fab 2) was constructed, designed to operate in geometries of 0.18-micron and below, using advanced specialized CMOS technology.


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Fab 3

U.S. Subsidiary
Newport Beach, California, USA

Jazz Semiconductor was formed
in 2002 as a spinoff of Conexant Systems, a fabless semiconductor company that spun-off from Rockwell Semiconductor in 1999. Jazz inherited the Newport Beach, California 200mm fabrication facility and the company's legacy including the establishment of industry leading SiGe, BiCMOS and MEMS technologies and the cultivation of a strong design support organization. In addition, Jazz expanded upon its heritage for on-shore, specialized foundry services focused on the Aerospace and Defense industry.

In September 2008, Jazz was acquired by Tower Semiconductor
in a stock-for-stock transaction. In November 2009, the combined companies officially launched as TowerJazz. The merger has provided process transfer opportunities to increase multi-sourcing capabilities and capacity.


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Fab 4

Japan Subsidiary
Nishiwaki City, Japan

TowerJazz Japan, Ltd., located in Nishiwaki City, Hyogo, Japan was initially established in May 1990 as KTI Semiconductor Limited, as part of a joint venture between Kobe Steel and Texas Instruments. Following an alliance with Micron Japan on April 1999, its corporate name was changed to KMT Semiconductor. In April 2002, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Micron Japan for the development of specialty DRAM technology.

On June 2011, the Nishiwaki Fab was fully acquired by TowerJazz and became TowerJazz Japan, Ltd. This acquisition nearly doubled TowerJazz's internal manufacturing capacity and expanded its global manufacturing footprint to three continents. With two fabs in Israel and one in the U.S., the acquisition of a fab in Japan strengthened TowerJazz's presence in the Asia-Pacific region through local high quality manufacturing capabilities.


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