TowerJazz Manufacturing


TowerJazz provides multi-fab production options for IDMs and fabless companies looking to increase production capacity or diversify locations.

TowerJazz currently operates six manufacturing facilities on three continents:


Fab 1 — World Headquarters in Migdal Haemek, Israel Fab 2 — World Headquarters in Migdal Haemek, Israel Fab 3  — USA Subsidiary, Jazz Semiconductor, in Newport Beach, California, USA

Migdal Haemek, Israel

  • 6″, 150mm, 20K w/m 
  • CMOS, CIS, Power, Discrete
  • 1µm to 0.35µm
  • Planarized BEOL, W and Oxide CMP

Migdal Haemek, Israel

  • 8″, 200mm, 43K w/m
  • CMOS, CIS, Power, Discrete, MEMS
  • 0.18µm to 0.13µm
  • Cu and Al BEOL, EPI, 193nm Scanner

Newport Beach, California, USA

  • 8″, 200mm, 24K w/m
  • CMOS, CIS, MEMS, RF Analog
  • 0.18µm to 0.13µm
  • Al BEOL, SiGe, EPI

TowerJazz Panasonic Semiconductor Company (TPSCo)

Arai, Japan Tonami, Japan Uozu, Japan

Arai, Japan

  • 8″, 200mm, 14K w/m
  • Analog, CIS
  • 0.13µm to 0.11µm
  • Thick Cu RDL

Tonami, Japan

  • 8″, 200mm, 51K w/m
  • Power Discrete, NVM, CCD
  • 0.35µm to 0.15µm

Uozu, Japan

  • 12″, 300mm, 10K w/m
  • 65nm to 45nm

The company strives to maintain a high standard of manufacturing quality and outstanding customer service. Operations is proactively engaged with TowerJazz business units and customer support teams to search for areas where customers may have specific needs and ensure that these needs are met. In doing so, Operations not only contributes to TowerJazz customers' success, but also enhances the company's business.

As TowerJazz continues to grow and mature in its global operations and presence, the need for flexible and accurate execution becomes more critical. TowerJazz puts great focus on cross qualification of its specialized technologies between its worldwide facilities to provide flexibility to its customers. The company also continuously works to improve its operational metrics and particularly, on schedule delivery and plant yield, to provide its customers with reliable timely supply as a base standard.

Together with TowerJazz's expansion into new technologies and global activities, quality is the number one priority at any given time. One of the company's principles is to demand quality and excellence in every part of the organization.