Quality Policy

TowerJazz is Committed to High Quality and Customer Satisfaction

  • Meet or exceed customer expectations
  • Provide outstanding manufacturing services with high yields and on-time delivery
  • Continuously improve efficiency and effectiveness of processes, procedures and systems through fast cycles of learning

Information Security Policy

TowerJazz is committed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all physical and electronic information assets throughout the organization. Information security allows TowerJazz to maintain a competitive advantage, profitability and brand recognition. We monitor our compliance and performance to requirements (legal, regulatory and contractual), and security objectives to validate the ongoing suitability and effectiveness of our Information Security Management System.

To this end, the company affirms its commitment to achieve the following objectives:

  • Assess risks to information security, specifically in regards to:
    • Confidentiality: ensuring information is classified and accessible only to those authorized
    • Integrity: ensuring information is accurate and any modifications are authorized through the approved procedures
    • Availability: ensuring information is accessible when needed
  • Emphasize individual responsibility for information security through training, processes, and controls.
  • Drive continual improvement of the Information Security Management System through the definition and accomplishment of annual information security objectives.

Environmental Health and Safety Policy

TowerJazz is committed to the Environmental, Health and Safety of our facilities. The safety and prevention of injury and ill health of our employees, the surrounding community and the environment has been a safe and productive operation and continues to be an essential element of our operations. We are all expected to conduct business in a safe and efficient manner and to adhere to all safety policies and procedures. We also strongly believe that good environmental management is an important part of our overall business strategy.

To this end, the company affirms its commitment to meeting the following objectives:

  • Prevent accidents, injuries and ill health – identify and correct unsafe acts and/or conditions
  • Continuously improve the Health & Safety of the work environment
  • Provide job training and effective feedback
  • Emphasize individual responsibility for Health & Safety awareness by all employees and contractors
  • Meet the applicable local, state and federal Occupational Safety and Health standards
  • Commit to meeting and monitoring the environmental regulatory requirements that apply to our business
  • Commit to define and accomplish environmental objectives and targets
  • Commit to conserving natural resources and pollution prevention
  • Commit to continuous improvement in all of our environmental aspects and taking appropriate actions when necessary
  • Emphasize individual responsibility for environmental awareness by all employees and contractors
  • Collaborate with relevant authorities, customers, suppliers and interested parties to ensure relevant environmental aspects addressed
  • Consider the impact of our actions on the environment during business planning, design, execution, manufacturing, new process introduction and facility upgrades.

Quality Certifications

Migdal Haemek, Israel   Newport Beach, CA, USA   San Antonio, TX, USA
Certificate Type Fab 1 Fab 2 Fab 3 Fab 9
ISO Certifications ISO9001 ISO9001 ISO9001
IATF16949 IATF16949 IATF16949
ISO14001 ISO14001 ISO14001
OHSAS 18001 OHSAS 18001 OHSAS 18001
ISO27001 ISO27001
EICC Conflict Minerals RBA: CFSI Reporting RBA: CFSI Reporting RBA: CFSI Reporting
Product Wafer Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Product Wafer MSDS Product Wafer MSDS
SGS Technology Reports RoHS & CMOS RoHS & Other 0.13μm Reach 191 0.18µm Reach 191 0.18µm
Reach 191 CMOS Reach 191 0.13µm Reach 191 SiGe RoHS 0.18µm
RoHS & Other 0.18µm RoHS & Other 0.18μm
Reach 191 0.18µm RoHS SiGe
Other Certificates Sony Green Partner